A little something about me...

AMI art

Meaghan Hetherton was born and raised in Iowa (yes, where there is lots of corn, and no, not Ohio or Idaho).  She is the eldest of three children, the younger two being brothers who were frequently subjected to her need to organize lessons and activities.  She spent much of her time growing up tromping through fields or creeks, going on “adventures,” which would inevitably turn into a science experiment or other grand endeavor.  If she wasn’t on an adventure you could almost certainly find her drawing.  Her drawings included, but were not limited to: dream houses, fashion lines, landscapes, portraits, and specimens collected on her adventures.

Meaghan felt that doing just science or just art wasn’t enough, so she decided to combine the two and attend Iowa State University’s Biological/Pre-medical Illustration Program to become a Scientific Illustrator.  While enjoying her adventure at Iowa State, she learned she had an affinity for baking and ballroom dance, and spent much of her weekend time performing as a princess. She also found she had a knack for the medical side of science, and that it was absolutely necessary pursue a master’s degree in Medical Illustration.

She moved her Midwestern self down south to attend the Medical Illustration graduate program offered at Georgia Regents University, and became the president of her graduating class. She powered through anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy, histology, and pathology alongside medical students.  Meaghan matured considerably as an artist during her time in the program, especially on the computer, honing her Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash skills, and learning more software like Maxon Cinema 4D and Corel Painter. She especially enjoyed her time in the operating rooms, getting to see and sketch surgeries first hand and share those illustrations with the surgeons whose handiwork starred in her pieces.

Today Meaghan is 23 and has her M.S. in Medical Illustration, her B.A. in Biological/Pre-medical Illustration, and a whole lot of excitement to get started in the line of work she’s been training for since childhood.  She looks forward to developing new relationships and expanding her portfolio and experience in the near future.