Hetherton Illustration produces a wide variety of authentic and descriptive artwork that translates scientific topics.  These graphics are drafted in collaboration with the client, and with acute attention to the client's wishes. Each piece meets the criteria and exceeds expectation, in an efficient and timely fashion.  Hetherton Illustration can fill your needs for anatomical and surgical illustrations, medical legal illustrations, graphic designs, infographics, and animation.


Anatomical and Surgical Illustration
Used to educate patients, students, and doctors about the human body and the procedures used to heal it.  These can usually be found in textbooks and anatomical atlases to assist in audience learning.

Medical Legal Illustration
Medical Legal cases use illustrations as exhibits because they can more clearly explain events than photographs through the use of emphasis, simplification, and color-coding.  These graphics clearly explain the anatomy of the case and depict the events that took place.

Graphic Designs
...Such as Powerpoints, logo designs, posters, and pamphlets. 

Infographics and Patient Education
Combining both text and artwork, these jobs clarify scientific topics specifically for a lay audience.  They use non-threatening color palettes and easy-to-understand language for maximum interest and comprehension. 

Whether its simple cartoon style or fully rendered realism,  we will collaborate to storyboard and develop a strong, explanatory narrative.

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